Outside Areas
Outside areas include: Quad, Quad Stage, Sequoia Breezeway, Sawtooth Amphitheater, Lodgepole Circle,
Giant Forest Walkway, Giant Forest Courtyard, Food Court, Ponderosa Courtyard, and Alta Peak Patio.
Please submit request form to Debbie Douglass at debbied@cos.edu

General Facilities
General Facilities include all buildings, parking lots, and outdoor areas not identified on the Activity Date Request form.
Please submit request form to Analisa Martinez analisam@cos.edu.

COS Theatre   
COS Theatre includes the COS Theatre and supporting areas in that department.  Coordination with the
Facilities Office does not constitute approval of the use of the Theatre and may be subject to change
or disapproval due to priority rules set by District Administrative Policy 6700.
Please submit request form to Steve Lamar at stevel@cos.edu

Last Updated: 10/22/2018 10:05 AM