One of the main focuses of the PACE committee is personal as well as professional development. This is achieved through reimbursements for conferences (limited availability) and several workshops that the PACE committee hosts throughout the school year. Many of these workshops are hosted by resident experts on campus while others are developed and facilitated by CSEA. Some examples of workshops we have held in the past include:

  • New Employee Orientation​
  • Wills & Directives
  • Managing your financial future
  • Web Design
  • Excel 
  • Banner Basics & Banner Financial
  • Nutrition
  • Group Dynamics
  • Living Well
  • Yoga at your desk
  • Self Defense 
  • FERPA 
If you have any ideas for helpful workshops or you have a skill that you feel would benefit your colleagues please feel free to contact any of the PACE members and we will see what we can do to accommodate your request. 

All work and no play can make work a drag so the PACE committee is also committed to bringing a little fun to the work place! We do this by offering fun events where employees can fellowship and have a good time. Some events we have hosted in the past include:

  • Service Awards​
  • End of the year appreciation dinner
  • Holidays R Us craft fair
  • Salsa throw-down
  • Chili cook-off 

Below is a listing of all upcoming workshops for the year. This page is updated as events come up. Please refer to COS eNews for the most up to date information regarding PACE workshops. 

Crime Prevention Workshop.pdfCrime Prevention Workshop.pdf

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