The College of the Sequoias Foundation and COS Students raised awareness about philanthropy during this giving season. We are reminding our community that the COS and its many programs to serve and support students are great causes that need community support. From academics to arts to athletics, the College of the Sequoias has many areas worthy of your donation of time, talent, and treasure.

On  2017 the community showed its support and gave a total of 


to various programs within the College of the Sequoias.

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Many cases for giving to the COS Foundation
Foundation volunteers and staff cultivate and direct community resources to COS in the areas that matter most to the communities for which COS serves. Primarily through direct gifts, special events, and planned giving, these raised resources are invested or immediately spent for the direct benefit of COS students and programs. Some recent uses include student scholarships, educational equipment purchases, and capital improvements.​ To see more about what the COS Foundation has done recently for the college, go to: Donations at Work.

Some needs at COS 

Scholarships - While over 65% of the student body demonstrate a need for financial assistance, less than 20% receive any type of COS Scholarships. Each year the COS Foundation awards over $419,000 to students. Much more is needed to ensure no student is passing up on a higher education because of lack of resources. Specify "Scholarships" when making your gift to the COS Foundation.
COS Giant Pantry - Give COS Students that are food insecure a better opportunity to focus on their studies by providing temporary food support coupled with education about community resources for food. Help strengthen COS partnerships Foodlink and Fresno Community Food Bank to ensure our students do not go without good, nutritious food.

#GivingTuesday Campaign: Two-thirds of all community college students are struggling with food insecurity.  At COS the need is even greater as evidenced by the fact that 60% of its students receive some form of financial aid.   Don’t let the lack of adequate food prevent COS students from achieving their goals!!   

Please help the Giant Pantry raise $10,000 during the 2018 #GivingTuesday campaign! Specify "Giant Pantry" when making your gift to the COS Foundation.​

COS Arts - COS Theatre, our Art Gallery, the music and choral programs, and our returning COS Pep Band all need resources to support the students engaged in the arts. From traveling to shows and competitions to updating instruments and equipment. Supporting the future of the arts is easily accomplished by designating a COS arts program when making your gift to the COS Foundation.
COS Athletics - Give COS Giants the EDGE by supporting one of the 14 COS Athletics programs have the resources they need to support athlete tutoring and mentoring, team travel, and all the necessary equipment to train and compete at their best. Specify "Athletics" or a specific sport when making your gift to the COS Foundation.​

COS Clubs - COS Clubs support many interests of students. Focusing on student involvement and expanding points of view, COS Clubs are a valuable contributor to the college experience. A complete list of clubs can be found HERE. Simply designate the club you wish to support when making your gift to the COS Foundation.
Many more! - The COS Foundation board supports many different aspects of the college to help ensure student success. This board of volunteers work closesly with faculty and administration to determine the best use of community resources to support the college and the students in attendance. Giving an undesignated gift will provide resources for the COS Foundation board to allocate as deemed appropriate.

Why do you give?

Here are some #UNSelfies taken on campus during GivingTuesday 2016

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