​​​Board Priorities 2018-2019

  1. Provide timely updates to the Board on the actions required and District steps taken to implement the new state funding formula enacted in fall, 2018. Est. 2018.

  2. Sustain efforts to grow District-wide FTES in accordance with the COS Master Plan 2015-2025 and the Strategic Plan 2018-2021. Est. 2016.

  3. Continue efforts to strengthen the COS Agriculture program including planning for future productivity of Farm Operations acreage and visioning future changes in Agriculture instruction and programs. Est. 2010.
    1. ​Implement strategies and actions that strengthen integration of the COS Ag program with the HJUHSD Ag program. 
    2. Meet and confer with local area small-animal veterinarians to explore interest in a facility-lease agreement to meet industry use demands and provide opportunities for integrating student learning.
    3. Meet and confer with representatives from California State University, Fresno to explore interest in partnership to offer a four-year degree program in Veterinary Science incorporating use of the COS Tulare Veterinary Facility. 

  4. ​Ensure fiscal stability and strive to achieve a General Fund reserve no less than the current average (21.3% to be updated each July) for community colleges statewide. Est. 2012.

  5. Work diligently through the due process of collective bargaining and labor relation laws to achieve employee contract agreements that are mutually beneficial for employees, students, the District, and that support the overall best interest of our COS Vision and College community. Direct staff to maintain an updated study of employee total compensation from comparable districts in our region to help inform the negotiations process. Est. 2013.​


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