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Board of Trustees
College of the Sequoias
 Board of Trustees

The five members of the College of Sequoias Board of Trustees are elected by district to four-year terms.  Their primary duties are to establish District policies, adopt the District's annual budget, approve expenditures, authorize employment, approve curriculum and make contract decisions.

The District is divided into five wards and a trustee is elected from each one.  In addition, each year the Student Senate selects a Student Trustee to serve on the board.

The current membership of the Board of Trustees is as follows:  

Greg Sherman - web.jpg

ken nunes - web.jpg
 Ray Macareno - web.jpg

Greg Sherman ~ Vice President

Ward 1

Terms of Office


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Ken Nunes ~ President

Ward 2

Terms of Office


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Raymond Macareno ~ Trustee

Ward 3

Terms of Office


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Lori Cardoza - web.jpg

A. Gutierrez - web.jpg

Lori Cardoza ~ Clerk

Ward 4

Terms of Office 


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John Lehn ~ Trustee

Ward 5

Terms of Office 


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Antonio Gutierrez ~ Student Trustee

Terms of Office