COS supports the professional development of all its employees. District-wide resources, programs and funding are made available to help employees remain up-to-date on education and workforce trends. Below are some of the resources for professional development at COS as well as calendar of professional development events. 

Professional Development Resources

Faculty Enrichment Committee (FEC)
  • The Faculty Enrichment Committee at COS coordinates the faculty Flex Program and strives to enhance institutional programs and services for student learning and success by offering a variety of activities designed to encourage and support professional excellence among staff and faculty in their endeavors.
Professional Association of Classified Employees (PACE)
  • The Professional Association of Classified Employees (PACE) is dedicated to facilitating employee development that leads to productive work, lifelong learning and community involvement while maintaining the PACE for excellence.  
Online Training Opportunities
  • COS employees have access to over 100 online training courses (offered by Keenan & Associates).  For a list of course offering, please see:  Online Training Topics.  If you are a COS employee and want to take advantage of these learning opportunities (or are a supervisor that wishes to have your employees complete one of these courses), please contact the Office of Human Resources for instructions.
COS Classes - Staff Fee Waiver 


Training Resource Center (TRC)
  • COS' Training Resource Center offers a number of short-term classes throughout the school year (usually just a few hours) to help COS employees develop their workplace skills.  (Check with your supervisor to see if  you can be reimbursed for taking these classes).



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