Integrated Planning Overview

College of the Sequoias Model for Integrated Planning depicts how the components of planning link to one another in a cycle of evaluation, development of goals and objectives, resource allocation, plan implementation, and reevaluation. The District demonstrates institutional effectiveness and practices a cycle of continuous quality improvement through the systematic and routine implementation of specific planning processes. The analysis of data is central to the College of the Sequoias Model for Integrated Planning and serves as an important tool in each of the District’s planning processes. Additional information regarding the District's Integrated Planning Cycle can be found here.


Accreditation Overview

College of the Sequoias values and whole-heartedly supports professional self-regulation as the most effective means of assuring the integrity, effectiveness, and quality of our District. Successful Accreditation is our quality assurance to our community. Additional information regarding the District's accreditation efforts can be found here.

Last Updated: 3/21/2018 10:54 AM