Guide to Conducting External Research at COS

The Basics
  • Outside entities and individuals interested in conducting research at COS must obtain approval from the COS Office of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.
  • On a case-by-case basis COS considers requests from outside entities interested in conducting research studies at our campuses. In order to protect the privacy of our students and employees, the District considers all research involving the use of humans as being subject to federal regulations regardless of the type of research being performed or the source of funding.
 Be Aware
  • Please be aware that research subjects/participants may not be recruited at COS, nor may data be collected, until the research project has:
    • Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval from an accredited University/institution, and
    • The request has been approved by:
      • the COS Office of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, and
      • the COS Institutional Review Board (COS IRB)
Approval Needed
  • An approval from the COS Office of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness to conduct external research must be obtained when:
  •  The researcher is not a COS employee, or 
  •  The researcher is a COS employee, but the intended research project is not part of the person’s responsibilities at the District (e.g., the person needs to collect data for a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation).
 Does this replace COS IRB review?
  • This approval process is neither intended to serve as, nor replace, review of a research project/proposal by an IRB board.  Only research projects that have already been approved by an IRB board at an accredited University may be considered for approval to conduct external research at COS.


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