The Giant Fact Book is designed to inform and support the District’s planning activities, outcomes and assessment cycle, grant requirements, mandated reporting requirements, accreditation needs, and other areas that directly support the District mission. It serves as a quick and a convenient source of information about the College of the Sequoias and is updated annually as data becomes available. We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions about the content and format of the Fact Book.
Scorecard Measures
Institutional-Set Standards
Service Area
Other Achievements
While still in pilot-mode, Tableau Dashboards are being developed to support the District's data-informed decisions and integrated planning efforts. The dashboards are public-facing and housed on a free server for the time being. Please be patient if they are not immediately responsive.
District-Campus Profile (in development)
Student Services Dashboard ​(in development)
Student Equity Dashboard (in development)
Additional Institutional Data is available from the sources below. Please note, the methodology and definitions vary from one another and make note of what data you are sourcing.

 Giant Fact Book Archive

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