It is the responsibility of the IRB to evaluate each research proposal in terms of ethical standards.  In particular, the board will assess if there are appropriate measures planned to maintain confidentiality, establish informed consent, and avoid any risk to individuals.
The District considers all research involving the use of humans, or data maintained by the College as being subject to federal regulations regardless of the type of research being performed or the source of funding. Generally, investigators should submit a research proposal to the IRB for review if data collection involves intervention or interaction with a living human being and any one of the following conditions applies: 
  1. Collection of information that is intended to contribute to generalizable knowledge (i.e., data will be used to make inferences about persons outside the group from which the data are collected),
  2. Anonymity cannot be assured,
  3. Conclusions drawn from the data are intended to be shared publicly.
Institutional Review Board Calendar
The COS IRB will meet, as needed, on the third Friday of the following months: August (exception--last Friday), September, October, November, January, February, March, and April.  In months where the designated Friday meeting falls on a college holiday, the IRB will convene one week later.
To be placed on the agenda, completed research proposals must be submitted 30 days in advance.  The last day to submit protocols for review is the first Friday in May, and the next opportunity to submit protocols is the first day of instruction in Fall.
Co-Chairs:                                                             IRB Members:
  • Dr. Mehmet "Dali" Ozturk
  • Christian Anderson                   
  • Steven Howland
  • Ambar Alvarez Soto
  • Daljit Singh
  • Dr. Sarah Harris 
  • Rihab Boumzough (Student) 
  • Carol Enns (Alternate)

​​IRB Application 

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Conducting External Research at College of the Sequoias 



COS-IRB Research Proposal Form-July 2018.pdfIRB Research Proposal Form

 Conducting External Research at COS

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External Research Form

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Human Subject Regulations Decision Charts

About Research Participation​​

AP 3290 - Human Subjects.pdf AP 3290

BP 3290 - Human Subjects.pdf BP 3290

 Please submit IRB applications to

Submit hardcopy to:
College of the Sequoias
Office of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
915 S. Mooney Blvd
Visalia, CA 93277
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