Program Review

Program Review is completed annually by all units in academic services, student services, and administrative services. 

Data Collection and Analysis

For Academic units, the Office of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness uploads the following four standard data elements to TracDat in July of each year:

  • Success Rate (Letter grades A, B, C, P/all grades issued)
  • FTES (Full-Time Equivalent Student)
  • FTEF (Full-Time Equivalent Faculty)
  • Productivity (FTES/FTEF)

These data elements serve as the basis for the Program Reviews. However, additional data is available!

The Research Office has developed and is piloting the new Program Review Dashboard to support the District's data-informed decisions and integrated planning efforts. This dashboard includes the standard data elements found in TracDat, supplemental data tables, and quick tips about using the data effectively.

The supplemental data tables are to help you answer the following question: Are the outcomes/results equitable for all locations, instructional methods, demographic groups, etc.?

When analyzing your program level data, you may also want to ask these questions: How has the data changed over time? How does the success rate compare to the Institution-set Standard or any aspirational goals?

If you need District-level data, you are encouraged to visit the COS Giant Fact Book and Chancellor's Office Data Mart. Please feel free to submit a data request if you need additional data. All of these resources are available in the links below. 

Non-academic units may identify relevant data types and sources independently or in consultation with the Office of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness. 

Last Updated: 9/20/2018 3:48 PM