Office of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness


Mission and Overview

Welcome to the Office of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness (R-PIE). The mission of the Office of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness is to provide research, planning, and assessment services to all segments of the College community. We take pride in collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting research findings to administrators, faculty, and staff for use in advancing the COS Mission. The office supports the District’s planning activities, outcomes and assessment cycle, grant requirements, mandated reporting requirements, basic skills, research projects, accreditation needs, ad-hoc requests, and other requests that directly support the District mission. The Office of R-PIE is located in the President’s wing of the Sequoia building. Please feel free to stop by and chat with us about your data and planning needs.

thinking 3.jpgCore Values

  • Team-oriented: Build, manage and nurture teams;
  • Accountability: Take responsibility for our own actions;
  • Integrity: Commit to open, honest and transparent decisions and relationships
  • Continuous Improvement: Commit to on-going assessment and evaluation;
  • Innovation: Pursue innovations in data management systems that are critical to continuous improvement of quality;
  • Solutions: Generate sustainable data-driven solutions to achieve excellence.


Mehmet Dali Ozturk Ph.D. (Bio)

Dean of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
(559) 730-3790

Ryan Barry-Souza (Bio)
Research Analyst
(559) 730-3705
Research Analyst
(559) 730-3904
Katie Sotelo (Bio)
Administrative Assistant
(559) 730-3922


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