Early Alert FAQs 


Question #1

Is the Firefox Web browser compatible with the Early Alert feature in Banner?

Answer to Question #1

No. Faculty members are encouraged to use the Internet Explorer Web browser option to submit their Early Alerts via Banner.

Question #2

What are the categorical/special programs doing to contact students with Early Alerts for low grades or areas of concern?

Answer to Question #2

Categorical/special programs (Athletics, CalWORKs, DRC, EOPS , MESA , Puente, Tutorial Center , Veterans and WIA) are following up with their students through letters, telephone calls, postcards, e-mail messages and other means.

Question #3

What should I do if I receive an error message upon clicking the Submit button?

Answer to Question #3

Do not panic. Please ensure that you followed every step outlined in the training manual and make a note of the error message. Please contact Lee McDonald, Applications Manager, at the Information Technology Department via e-mail at leem@cos.edu to inform him of the error message. 

NOTE:  We believe these are being caused by having either the Google toolbar or the Yahoo toolbar installed on your Web browser. We are still investigating this technical glitch.

Question #4

Are the comments very important?  And if so, who is reading them?

Answer to Question #4

Yes, your comments are very important. Your comments are read by your students and by Student Services personnel who are trained to advise and counsel our students.

Question #5

What information would be helpful to list in the comments section?

Answer to Question #5

Comments relating to how the student can actually improve his/her performance are very helpful. Students would also appreciate reading positive comments about their performances in your classes.

Question #6

On what Banner screen may COS personnel access information on Early Alerts?

Answer to Question #6

COS personnel may access Early Alerts through Banner by viewing the SZIEARL screen, which is accessible through the SWIASTD screen.

Question #7

How is the Early Alert feature in Banner Web being advertised to faculty, adjunct faculty and students?

Answer to Question #7

Early Alert has been advertised through Informational Tables on the COS quad, classroom presentations and via the COS student e-mail system. We will continue to promote Early Alert through the Schedule of Classes, the COS Catalog, and at other venues TBD.

Question #8

I submitted my Early Alerts via Banner Web and it resulted in numerous undeliverable e-mail messages in my Inbox. Was this supposed to happen and did my students receive their Early Alerts?

Answer to Question #8

The undeliverable e-mail messages are a result of students not activating or checking their COS issued e-mail accounts. Instructions on how to activate and use the COS e-mail account can be found from our COS homepage at  www.cos.edu under the Student Life tab.  Students will also receive their Early Alerts via the student portal to Banner Web. COS personnel who oversee categorical/special programs will also have access to this information.

Question #9

How do I know if I successfully submitted my Early Alerts via Banner Web?

Answer to Question #9

All entries made onto the Early Alert screen in Banner Web will be saved for the entire term. You will find the midterm grades, checked areas of concerns and/or the comments you previously made saved in reverse chronological order under the student's COS identification number. That is how you will know that you successfully submitted your Early Alerts via Banner Web.

Question #10

How do I avoid being timed out when using the Early Alert feature in Banner Web?

Answer to Question #10

You must submit your entries periodically (no more than every 15 minutes) to avoid your session timing out. This is a security feature in Banner.

Question #11

Who will follow up with students who do not participate in a categorical/special program and who receive an Early Alert because of low performance?

Answer to Question #11

General counselors will have access to Early Alerts submitted by faculty and adjunct faculty.

Question #12

May I use Early Alert to acknowledge good performances by students in my classes?

Answer to Question #12

Yes, faculty and adjunct faculty are encouraged to use the Early Alert feature to acknowledge good performances. This is especially valuable since many of our students are first-generation college students and would appreciate hearing words of encouragement from their mentors and role models.

Question #13

If I plan to use the Early Alert feature in Banner Web, do I still need to complete the hard-copy EOPS progress report forms?

Answer to Question #13

No, please inform your students that you plan to submit their progress reports online via the Early Alert feature in Banner Web.

Question #14

How do I know if my students are participating in a categorical and/or special program such as EOPS?

Answer to Question #14

All COS students who participate in a categorical and/or special program are highlighted in yellow in your Early Alert student roster.

Question #15

I was unable to open or read the self-training Early Alert-Banner Web document you sent.  How do I get access to the document?

Answer to Question #15

A copy of the self-training Early Alert-Banner Web document can be found under the Faculty Services tab within Banner Web under Early Alert Instructions.

Question #16

How are students being made aware that Early Alerts are now being sent via Banner Web?

Answer to Question #16

All COS students will be sent an e-mail message informing them of this new feature, and counselors will inform them as well. With the help of COS students, other methods of communications are currently being explored.

Question #17

Are the checkboxes in the Early Alert program meant to have positive or negative connotations?

Answer to Question #17

The checkboxes are meant to have a negative connotation.  Please only mark the checkboxes if the student is having a problem in that area.   The comments section is highly recommended to further explain why the checkbox was marked.




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