Dairy Science.jpgThis area of study prepares students for entry-level employment and/or potential further study in the field of dairy management and production. Dairy Science students have a foundation for the field of list field through the study of dairy nutrition and reproduction, breeding and selection of quality cattle and computer applications in dairy production and will acquire skills and knowledge necessary for reediness to assist in the management of modern dairy operation.
Below you will find a video of the Dairy Science Program, and additional program information.

Certificates & Classes

 Classes Include:

  • DSCI 101 - Introduction to Dairy Science
  • DSCI 103 - Commercial Dairy Herd Mgmt.
  • DSCI 104 - Breed/Select of Dairy Cattle
  • DSCI 108 - Dairy Nutrition
  • WEXP 193 F - Agriculture Wrk Exp - 1st Semester

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Upon successful completion of this certificate students will be prepared for employment in the following fields: Cattle Handlers, Dairy Breeders and Assistants, Dairy Feeders, Dairy Pharmaceutical Sales, Dairy Retail Sales, Dairy Technician.
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