Consumer/Family Studies

The focus of Consumer/Family Studies is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families. Our classes do this by helping students fulfill transfer and AA/AS degree general education requirements, achieve vocational goals, enrich life styles, expand horizons, develop creative talents, explore alternate methods of using resources and update everyday skills and knowledge.

Areas of Study

The Child Development Department provides courses leading to work in private child care programs and preschools and courses to earn a Child Development Permit for employment in state or federally funded programs. Additional course work is offered for infant/toddler care, administration for director qualifications, and for a special education option. Students may obtain a 24- or 26-credit certificate, an AS degree in Child Development and/or classes for a transfer option. Child Development 42 will fulfill a CSU, Area D and IGETC Area 4 transfer general education course; CFS 80 will fulfill a CSU Area E and IGETC Area 4 transfer general education course; and Child Development 39 will fulfill a CSU Area D or E and IGETC Area 4 transfer general education course.

The Nutrition and Culinary Department offers three culinary certificates at 8,14 and 21 units for students to obtain or upgrade employment in the food service industry. The Nutrition 18 course will fulfill the COS Area B (science) or E general education course for an AA/AS degree. NUTR 20 is a transfer course that will fulfill COS general education Area D, a CSU transfer Area D3, and IGETC transfer Area 4 general education course.

The Fashion Program provides classes for people interested in fashion merchandising, fashion design and clothing construction. These classes lead to an AA/AS degree and/or transfer to a four-year program. Two vocational certificates – fashion design and fashion merchandising – are available.

The Consumer/Family Studies Division also includes education courses. EDUC 50, Introduction to Teaching, fulfills the CSU Teacher Credential admission requirement for on-site school observation.  EDUC 120, Technology Skills for Educators, basic skills for computer technology and instruction in the educational setting.

Degrees and Certificates
Autism Competency (skill certificate)
Child Development, Assistant (skill certificate)
Child Development (AS degree not for transfer)
Child Development, Associate Teacher (skill certificate)
Child Development, Special Education (certificate of achievement)
Child Development, Teacher (certificate of achievement)
Consumer/Family Studies (AS degree not for transfer)
Fashion Design (AS degree not for transfer)
Fashion Design (certificate of achievement)
Fashion Merchandising (AS degree not for transfer)
Fashion Merchandising (certificate of achievement)
Food Services, Advanced Skills (certificate of achievement)
Food Services, Basic Skills (skill certificate)
Food Services, Intermediate Skills (skill certificate) 


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