College of the Sequoias Art Department consists of three programs: Art History, headed by Allyson Sullivan; 2D, headed by Richard Peterson; 3D, headed by Richard Flores. The mission of the art department is to prepare transfer students for university life. The department focuses on foundations so that our art majors are well prepared when they transfer.

The 2 dimensional program has nine faculty who teach drawing and design. Most of the art faculty are terminally degreed and are practicing artists. The art faculty exhibit and continually win awards for their work. They attend workshops and conferences so that they are current in their field.

There is a Mac lab with 20 stations for the digital arts area. Classes taught are Macintosh Basics, Digital Imaging, Digital Painting, and Web Design. The faculty are very supportive of the digital program and Macintosh Basics is required of art majors.

There is a print shop with three lithography presses , three etching presses, a four color serigraphy press and exposure unit for photo processes. Classes include: beginning and advanced printmaking, which covers intaglio, relief, collotype, and monotype; silkscreen; and lithography, both stone and plate.

The 3-D department at COS provides classes and facility for instruction and exploration into all levels of Ceramics, Sculpture, Glass, 3-D Design and Arts and Crafts. There are more than nine high-fire kilns, a glaze chemistry and clay formulation studio/laboratory, a large fabrication studio and ware storage rooms. There are 26 potter’s wheels, slab-rollers, professional grade clay mixers and pug mills, glass slumping and fusing kilns, a workshop with table saw, band saw and drill press and studio facility for stained glass. The emphasis of the 3-D Program supports all aspects of studio art and design and students are greatly supported using all media/materials and methods of application.

The Art History/Art Appreciation department offers several lower division courses that are a foundation for general education requirements at community colleges and universities. Our courses meet lower division requirements for transfer students majoring in Art. The department is made up of four Art Historians who specialize in Renaissance/Baroque, Modern, and Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican traditions.

Our courses explore the study of world cultures. By studying art from around the world, the facets of the archeological and anthropological realm are examined. The field of Art History is also based upon the interrelationships between the political, socio-economic, psychological, religious and technological factors that relate to the creative process. Studying architecture, painting and sculpture from these perspectives reveals the amazingly intricate connections art shares across time and place. 

Art Degree Requirements:

ArtDegree.pdf Art Degree

Commerical_ArtDegree.pdf Commercial Art Degree

For further information contact:  

     Prof. Richard Peterson

     Prof. Allyson Sullivan​

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