Communication Studies

Division: Fine Arts
Degree:        30 units in courses with a minimum “C” grade plus General Education and graduation requirements
for a total of 60 units.
Certificate:    12 units in courses listed below with a minimum of a “C” grade in all courses.
Transfer Students: Transfer preparation varies from university to university. Meet with COS counselor to review

The Speech Program is designed to prepare students to continue studies toward a B.A. degree in Speech Communication or
enter the work force with competent communication skills. Employment opportunities can be very diverse from College
Professor in Speech Communications, to Public Relations or Personnel Officer within a corporation, to a career in Mass
Communications such as radio and television.
Course Numbers                       Core Courses                                                          Units
COMM 1                                   Fundamentals/ Public Speaking                                 3
COMM 4                                   Interpersonal Communication                                    3
COMM 5                                   Argumentation and Debate                                       3
COMM 7                                   Persuasion                                                               3
COMM 8                                  Group Communication                                               3
COMM 9                                 Intercultural Communication                                       3

                                          Minimum Core Course Units for Certificate:
                                         (Select four Communication Courses listed above)       12

                                          Minimum Core Course Units for Major:
                                         (All Core Communication Courses listed above are
                                          Required)                                                                     18

Course Numbers                       Core Courses                                                          Units

Select 12 additional units from this list to complete the total units required.

PHIL 25                                       Critical Thinking                                                     3
MATH 21                                     Introduction to Statistics                                         4
COMM 112/Bus 112                    Public Speaking for Business                                     4
COMM 151AD                             Independent Study‐Communications                          2‐3

                                                    Minimum Support Course Units:                             12

                                                    Total Minimum Units Required:                               30
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