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Cynthia Johnson
Director of Honors Program

Professor of Speech



Communication Studies 



Cynthia Johnson received her first M.A. in Communication Studies, but found a passion for furthering her understanding of human behavior and completed a second M.A. in Psychology. Her desire is to complete her PhD in Clinical Psychology once her children are older. She has been teaching college for over 15 years, and spent roughly 5 years in collegiate administration during her adjunct instructional years.

Cynthia has a passion for online instruction as well and completed her online teaching certificate. Currently, she offers Interpersonal Communication and Social Psychology in an online/hybrid format, but will be creating additional online courses in the near future. Cynthia also enjoys reviewing and editing text books in the field of 

Communication Studies to not only stay current, but to offer insight which will directly benefit students in the field of study. She is active in the Communication Certificate program and coordinates the College of the Sequoias Honors program.

Cynthia is a keynote and motivational speaker for organizations who desire interpersonal and communication training to improve their interralational skills.

Cynthia's teaching responsibilities include:

Interpersonal Communication

Public Speaking

Intercultural Communication Persuasion

Argumentation and Debate

Group Communication

Social Psychology

Robin McGeehee

Professor of Communication


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Dr. Tom Weise
Division Chair

​Professor of Communication


Public Speaking 

Argumentation Debate 


Interpersonal Communication 

Group Communication

When I first arrived at COS in 1991, we offered two Communication courses: Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication. It has been a pleasure to watch our department grow to include Debate, Persuasion, Group Communication, Intercultural Communication, and Business Communication, with two more courses in the planning stage. I believe that we have the largest and most diverse lower-division Communication program of any California Community College.

I approach my courses with the philosophy that our theories must be applied to "real life" in order for understanding to occur and that every Communication course requires public presentations. I also approach my courses with the realization that most people are scared to death to do public presentations so I adapt my pedagogical styles accordingly. My mantra every semester for dealing with communication apprehension is "Know your topic, Be organized, Know your audience, and Want to share it!" With this in mind, students start using their nervous energy instead of the nervous energy using them.

My first public speech was in 1968 and I was involved in forensics and debate in High School, and in College where I earned a 4th place finish in the Lincoln-Douglas National Debate tournament; and represented the United States in the First Sino-U.S. Debate tournament held in Xian, People's Republic of China. I received my degrees from the State of Wisconsin; the U.S. Army; Fresno City College; California State University, Fresno; and University of California, Davis. I have taught at the university of college level since 1988, including a doctoral level course in Educational Advocacy. I re-wrote the Communication chapter in the world's best selling business text ("Management of Organizational Behavior") and helped edit "Catching Success," a business leadership book. I have performed professional consulting and also volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club; the S.P.C.A.; and helped form a homeless veterans assistance group. As I grew up in Wisconsin, I am a die-hard Packer fan and do NOT miss Brett Favre. 


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