Welcome to the COLLEGE OF THE SEQUOIAS ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT. We are located in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California in the city of Tulare. We are happy to announce our relocation from the COS Visalia Campus to the new COS Tulare College Center (TCC) in Spring 2013. Our new facility has a cutting edge computer laboratory, modeling making room, and paint room.

We offer outstanding programs in architectural education that allow students to successfully gain employment in architectural or related fields and/or transfer to a 4 year university to pursue their Bachelors Degree. But first things first. Let's see if architecture is for you....

Are you the creative type who enjoys designing, drawing, drafting, construction, painting, sculpture, sewing, rebuilding cars, making arts & crafts, making jewelry, photography, computer graphics, etc.? If yes, architecture may be for you! Don't let misconceptions about architecture scare you away. "Creativity" is the most important trait necessary to become an architect. Allow us the opportunity to help you to express and enhance your creativity. Imagine a lifestyle where you are paid to be creative!

Yes there is a technical side to architecture which will require you to take some mathematics and structures courses. But you do NOT have to be a math wiz. In fact these requirements vary depending upon which university you plan to transfer to. Some universities are more "design" oriented while others are more "technical" in nature.  We will work together to find you a "good fit".

Take a look at the other pages in this website.  Be sure to look at the STUDENT WORK GALLERY. It will show you examples of student work done in each course. If you should have any questions feel free to contact my office.

Hope to see you next semester!
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Chair, Industry & Technology
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