These certificates will prepares students for entry-level employment and/or potential further study in the field of computer Information Technology.  They will be  exposed to computer hardware, software, network fundamentals design, management, and system security components.
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Many program graduates have found employment in local technology-related companies.

Drew Perez | Kaweah Delta Medical Center | Unpaid position Fall 2018
Michael Myers | Kaweah Delta Hospital Internship | Part time unpaid position Spring 2018
Jeffrey Eddy | EMD Networking Services, Inc./Technical Service Coordinator | Full time paid position Summer 2018
Jose Almaraz | Kaweah Delta Medical Center | Unpaid position Summer 2018 
Jose Almaraz | Torian Group | Full time paid position Fall 2018
Vicente Valdivia | Porterville Health Care Network, Help Desk| Full time paid position Fall 2018
Eduardo Munguia Vidana |Lexmark Inc. | Full time paid position Fall 2018


Davis Hung | Kaweah Delta Hospital Help Desktop/Network Technician | Full time paid position Fall 2017
David Guzman | Kaweah Delta Hospital Internship | Unpaid position Fall 2017
Eduardo Munguia Vidana | Kaweah Delta Hospital Internship | Unpaid position Fall 2017
Jesus Montejano | Expetec Bench/Network Technician | Full time paid position Fall 2017
Arthur Velasquez | Help Desk Support, Tulare County | Full time paid position Fall 2017


William Reeser | Expetec Bench Technician | Full time paid position Fall 2016
Eric Sierra | Torian Group | Hardware Software Purchasing and Support | Full time position Spring 2016
Ramyar Alavi-Moghaddam
Visalia campus - Cedar 421
(559) 730-3925


  Corporate trainer, help desk specialist, quality assurance specialist, computer repair/technician; technical writer
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