ESL Non-Credit Program


ESL students may attend classes in the morning or in the evening.   

      The non-credit program is designed for students who want to improve their English language skills and
      transition into the credit program at COS, get a better job, or obtain U.S. citizenship.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does noncredit mean?  160937498[2].jpg
Noncredit classes are open entry/open exit.  The noncredit student takes classes with credit students, does the same work as the credit student, and receives the same feedback in class from instructors as the credit student receives. 

Noncredit student can also earn certificates for each level they complete in the program.
When are classes held? 
Noncredit classes are held at the same time as the credit classes; however, the course number is different than the course number for credit classes. 
Will I be able to change to credit classes later? 
Yes.  A student who wishes to take credit classes can go through the steps toward full application and enrollment for College of the Sequoias.  We have had many students transition from noncredit to credit and then to transfer level coursework at the college. 
How do I register for noncredit classes?
Explore available classes, submit an enrollment form, and REGISTER for noncredit courses through the flexible registration site . It is important to PRINT the page that includes your student ID number and other information. Please PRINT the student ID form before continuing registration in the flexible registration system.  
Continuing noncredit students can register through the flexible registration system OR the bannerweb system.
Last Updated: 5/5/2014 10:27 AM