Why I decided to go to COS

​ Hello Students,


My name is Erika Estrada, and, just like you are doing right now, five years ago I was making one of the most important decisions of my academic career. Deciding where to attend college was not easy. However, after evaluating my options, I decided to attend College of the Sequoias in Visalia. It was probably one of the best decisions I have made as an adult.  Although I was an A student in high school, coming to COS allowed me to become a better scholar and a better leader. 

My development was possible due to the support system and resources that College of the Sequoias offered me such as the REALM program.  A lot of my friends were going to UCs and CSUs and thus I was afraid of being alone in college. However, the summer orientation program allowed me to connect with students like myself, who were passionate about science. Most of them became my classmates, my friends and my study-buddies. The peers I met over the summer were an essential part of my academic success while at COS. Another component that facilitated my transition between COS and a 4-year university was the specialized counseling that College of the Sequoias provided me. The STEM counselor knew my potential and my goals, and with her guidance I completed all the requirements I needed to transfer to UC Davis. Plus, my science program offered me supplemental instruction and tutoring which enabled my academic success. The campus visits the program organized allowed me to identify the college I wanted to attend after COS. The REALM Program can do the same for you, nurturing your success, welcoming you into the challenging STEM majors is a way that makes you feel like part of a big, supportive family.

Thanks to the support system and resources that the College of the Sequoias provided me I was able to successfully transfer to UC Davis and start my career as a scientist. The academic preparation I received at COS, allowed me to graduate with honors from UC Davis with a Bachelor’s in Biology and to be accepted into different graduate schools. Without attending College of the Sequoias I would not be the scholar I am today. I urge you to check out the REALM Program!

Best of luck,


Erika Estrada

Last Updated: 2/22/2018 4:03 PM