Frequently Asked Questions
How long is COS’ RN program?
The nursing content is scheduled in four sequential semesters. Each course in the Nursing program has time each week identified for theoretical content, skills lab activities, and clinical experience.
The number of lecture (theory) hours, skills lab, and clinical experience hours vary by semester.   If you work during the program, you will likely need to change your work schedule each semester.
Students must also travel to their clinical site the day before their clinical assignment to research their patient assignment for the next day.
What is your success rate?
Success rates vary by quarter.  For the most current information, please review the BRN web site at
When Can I Apply?
The COS RN program accepts applications twice a year. 
The first period is November 1 - January 15.  Applicants selected from this application period will enter the program in the fall semester of the application year. 
The second application period is May 1 to July 15.  Applicants selected from this application period will enter the program in the spring semester of the following application year.
No applications are kept on file, and you must submit a new application and documentation to be evaluated for another application period.
What classes do I need to apply to the RN program?
You must have final grades in four classes:  Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, and Microbiology (4 semester units each, and each must include a lab) and English 1.  (English 1 may be three or four semester units.)
If you took your prerequisites at a school that awards units on a quarter system, you should contact the nursing counselor for evaluation.  The nursing counselor is  Lisa Brandis.  Her email address is  Her telephone number is (559) 730-3715.  Or you can contact Amelia Sweeney, adjunct counselor for Nursing & Allied Health.  Her email address is  Her telephone number is (559) 730-3728.
 Other co-requisites are required in order to earn an associate of science degree in nursing, but not mandatory for entry into the RN program.
Where can I get an application?
Applications and all required forms are posted on the RN website during the application periods at:  Print the application on white paper and complete as directed.
How do I obtain more information about the C.O.S. RN Program?
Information about the RN Program is found on our website by selecting the Information Tutorial page.  Included in this tutorial is information on:
·         Application Requirements
·         Program Costs
·         Program Rigor
·         Time Commitments
·         Essential Physical Requirements
·         Background Checks and Drug Screening
Students applying to the RN Program or the LVN-RN Program must read the Nursing Program Information Tutorial and submit the Nursing Program Information Tutorial TEST page with their application to the RN & LVN-RN Program.
How are applicants chosen for entry into the program?
The COS RN program uses a multi-criteria selection model.   The criteria that are evaluated to determine the best qualified applicants are:
·         Previously earned college degrees from regionally accredited schools
·         Relevant diplomas or certificates in identified health professions
·         Recent work or volunteer experience in patient care (at least 200 hours in last 24 months)
·         GPA in prerequisite coursework
·         Repeated classes in science prerequisites
·         Individual Adjusted Score on the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS)
·         Special life experiences/circumstances
·         Proficiency or advanced course work in languages other than English
·         Completion of co-requisites at College of Sequoias.
What Immunizations and other verifications will I need to have in order to apply to the COS program?
Only the documentation listed on the application at: during the application periods is necessary to apply to the program.  All other documentation and verification requirements will be explained once you have accepted a seat in the program.  In general, these will include:
·         Immunization records showing vaccination or minimum titer levels for:  Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella, Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis and flu shot.
·         Tuberculosis (TB) skin testing or chest x-ray
·         Valid California Driver’s License
·         Valid auto insurance
·         Valid American Heart Association (AHA) “Health Care Provider” Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) ​certification
·         Background check
·         Urine drug screen
If offered a seat in the program, you will be given complete, specific instructions and time to provide these items.  All costs for required services and verifications will be your responsibility.
What is the TEAS Exam?
TEAS stands for the “Test of Essential Academic Skills.”  It is a test approved by the California Community College Chancellor’s office to determine a student’s readiness to enter a nursing program.
California Community Colleges, including College of Sequoias, currently use the ATI TEAS version of the test.  There are 170 multiple-choice questions that assess your skills in Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English & Language Usage. 
Students must take the ATI TEAS Exam and pass with a score of 62% or better before applying to the COS RN program.  Only one repeat of ATI TEAS is allowed.
Visit for more information and to register for a test date as they become available.
What happens if I fail the TEAS test? Can I still get into the RN Program?

If you do not achieve a passing score of 62% or higher on your first attempt of the ATI TEAS, you may contact Mrs. Belen Kersten at for remediation instructions.
Can I send official transcripts with my Nursing application, or does the college I attended have to send them?
Transcripts, other than COS, must be submitted with your program application, even if previously submitted to COS.
Official transcripts must be in a sealed envelope from the institution. Do not open official transcripts or they will not be accepted. Please note that transcripts are required of each college that you have attended, no matter when you attended.
Is a Nursing Assistant Certification (CNA) required to get into the COS Nursing program?
No. A CNA license is not required to apply or be admitted to COS’ nursing program. However, additional points may be earned on your application for experience as a CNA, LVN, or other allied health jobs.   Although it is not a program requirement, students are encouraged to gain direct patient care skills and experience that may be applicable to any nursing program.
Do you have an LVN-RN Bridge program?
Yes, COS currently accepts LVNs on a space available basis.  You must have completed an LVN program and have an LVN license and IV certificate to apply to the bridge program.  Applications are accepted during our regular application windows.  Please see the program application at: . 
 Is there financial aid available?  Are there grants and loans?
Contact the COS Financial Aid Office at for information. There are also a number of loans, grants, and scholarships available to students interested in nursing. 
Is there a part-time option in the nursing program?
No, not at this time.  All students are expected to attend and complete the program in four semesters.
Where is the COS RN program located?
The nursing office and the theory classes are located in the Hospital Rock building of the COS Main campus.  The address is:
College of the Sequoias Registered Nursing Division Office 
Hospital Rock Room 101
915 S. Mooney Blvd.
Visalia, CA 93277
Clinical experience sites are located throughout Tulare and Kings Counties, current sites include:   hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers, and shelters.   Nursing students must supply their own transportation to all clinical sites.
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