Outcomes: Course, Program, Gen Ed and Institutional

Outcomes Assessment is the process of collecting data that will assist us in determining the impact our courses and programs have on the students who participate in them. Analysis of outcomes data helps identify needs, inform decision-making and the allocation of resources. Improving student learning is a priority across the district. We are committed to assessment as an integral part of the instructional process, where outcomes assessment is ongoing, systematic and used for continuous improvement.

Institutional Outcomes
Institutional Outcomes assessment identifies needs, which informs decision-making and resource allocation. Assessment performed at the course level maps to program outcomes then connects to institutional outcomes.

General Education Outcomes

General Education Outcomes state the knowledge a student should possess once they complete a broad series of courses designed to develop social, scientific, communication, analytical, civic and personal skills.

Program Outcomes
Program Outcomes state what the student will be able to do at the completion of a program. These outcomes may include areas of competency within a given discipline, certificate, General Education pattern or pathway.​

Course Outcomes
Course Outcomes are statements that specify what students will know, be able to do or demonstrate when they have completed or participated in an individual course. The outcomes are used to assess how well our students are achieving the knowledge and skills in individual courses.


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