Division of Physical Education and Athletics

Physical Education uses physical activity to produce holistic improvements in a person’s physical, mental and emotional qualities. It treats each person as a unit "a whole being" rather than as having separate physical and mental qualities that bear no relation to and have no effect on each other.  Here at College of the Sequoias, physical education covers a broad field of interests.
Courses are offered in the areas of Sport Activities, Dance, Fitness, Health and Wellness, Sports Medicine and Athletic Training, and Adapted Physical Education. We are also proud of our outstanding Intercollegiate Athletic program which offers collegiate competition to student/athletes.
The facilities include a newly equipped gymnasium, weight room, dance studio and aerobic room with mirrors, special handicapped facilities, a football field and a regulation track. Baseball and softball fields are on campus as well as a swimming and diving pool. There are also tennis, handball and volleyball courts. Most recently the department has added a new sports medicine and training center which includes a fitness lab for athletes.
Through the courses offered in the Physical Education and Athletic Department, we are preparing students to meet the needs of the times.
Brent Davis, Athletic Director/Associate Dean
Tracy Myers, Division Chair
Marcy Parks, Senior Secretary
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