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Faculty Science Interests


Bogonko, Daudi - Chemistry of Natural Products

Dillard, Josh - Molecular Biology of Bacteria

Froese, Ryan - Organic Synthesis

Goodbar, Brad   - Sierra Nevada Ecosystems, Marine Biology

Hansen, Rob   - Ecological Monitoring, Conservation, Ornithology

Hetherington, Eric    - California Geology

Kamansky, Bobby - Ecological Remediation, Ecosystems Biology

Mendoza, Teresa - Inorganic Chemistry

Moore, Heather   - Endocrinology, Molecular Biology

Owens, Larry   - Groundwater remediation; Engineering  

Puhl, Joshua -- Neurophysiology and Behavior of Annelids

Rodriguez, Julie - Organic Chemistry

Rollinger, Jeanette   - Plant-fungus interactions

Sadeh, Shirin   - Astronomy

Sajuthi, Andrea   Systematics, and Evolution of Ostracods

Trimble, Thea   - Neurophysiology

Urtecho, Robert-- Flora of Tulare County

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