Welcome to the College of the Sequoias Science Division webpage.  The information provided here is intended to assist you in discovering the many services available to you through the science division.  Please feel free to contact any member of the science division should you have any questions or concerns regarding our course offerings.


The Science Division supports lifelong learning, diversity, economic growth and advancement of basic skills by providing a wide range of courses that are program/major specific, transfer level, general education, pre-vocational and courses provided as community service.
The courses taught by the science division are designed to develop basic skills, knowledge levels, and critical thinking abilities and to provide a foundation for future educational experiences. Our focus is on the process and product of scientific inquiry.  A primary goal is to facilitate student growth and success while maintaining reasonable academic standards in course content, level and grading.
The Division consists of the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Major programs are offered in each of these disciplines. Each of these areas additionally offer transferable courses accepted by both private and public colleges and universities.
If you plan on transferring to a California public university, please visit www.assist.org. This website will list the COS courses that are transferable to the institution of your choice.
Other disciplines taught in this division include Astronomy, Geology, Physical Anthropology, Physical Geography and Meteorology.
Biology is the largest Department in the Division and offers a wide variety of courses for non-majors and majors alike. The department offers courses required for students majoring in allied health fields such as nursing, dental hygiene, physical therapy and sports medicine.
Students preparing for pre-dental and pre-medical majors normally major in Biological Sciences and can find all the required courses available at COS.
Please consult with your counselor if you are planning such a major since there are many prerequisites for the required courses.  Creating a Student Education Plan (SEP) early in your academic career will reduce the chance of taking courses you do not need to transfer.
Science majors are invited to participate in three programs designed to improve transfer to the university:PASEO, MESA and SETA. MESA provides students with academic support services such as advising and tutoring. PASEO is designed to increase freshman success in STEM majors. SETA is the student science club.  All three programs provide information on scholarships, internships, field trips and enrichment opportunities.






                                                                               Science Division Office

John Muir 134

                       (559) 730-3774                    

Division Administrative Assistant:   Kathryn Torres​​


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