Communities today require a variety of social services to provide for the economic and emotional needs of those in difficulty.  Agencies on a variety of levels require trained individuals to provide such services.  Some of the programs have positions available for those with two years of college instruction.  The Human Service program prepares students to work in a community setting or beginning paraprofessional level, to train as aides in welfare eligibility work, mental health and other social service agency positions.  Students will be required to spend several hours weekly as community service interns during the two-year program.  The student can select to earn a Certificate and/or a Degree in Human Services (Social Work).  Students who want to transfer to another university after COS should meet with a COS counselor for transfer requirements in this major.

Requirements for A.S. Degree in Human Services (Social Work)   plus COS GE requirements

  • 36 units CORE COURSES

Requirements for a Certificate in Human Services (Social Work)  

  • 36 units CORE COURSES

Note:  Required and Support courses my be substituted with the approval of the Division Chair.

 To receive the Certificate in Human Services (Social Work) you must complete areas #1-2. (36 Units Total)

1.    REQUIRED MAJOR COURSES  (30 Units Total)

a.    Select one of the following courses:  COMP 005 Computer Concepts (4 Units) OR COMP 130 Introduction to Personal Computers (4 Units)

b.    Select one of the following courses: ECON 025 Introduction to Economics (3 Units) OR ECON 040 Principles of Microeconomics (3 Units) OR BUS297 Personal Finance (3 Units)

c.    HSRV 101 Group Design and Leadership (4 Units)

d.    HSRV 102 Drug and Alcohol Treatment (3 Units)

e.    HSRV 120 Introduction to Social Welfare (3 Units)

f.     HSRV 121 Interviewing (4 Units)

g.    HSRV 122 Introduction to Human Services (3 Units)

h.    WEXP 193 H-196 H (6 Units of Work Experience required)

2.    RESTRICTED ELECTIVES  (6 Units Total)

a.    Select 2 of the following courses: 

·         ANTH 010 Cultural Anthropology (3 Units)

·         PSY 001 General Psychology (3 Units)

·         PSY 005 Social Psychology (3 Units)

·         PSY 010 Human Sexuality (3 Units)

·         PSY 034 Abnormal Psychology (3 Units)

·         PSY 133 Personal and Social Growth (3 Units)

·         SOC 026 Marriage and Family Life (3 Units)

To receive the A.S. Degree in Human Services (Social Work) you must complete areas #3-4 in addition to areas #1-2.  (60 Units Total)


a.    Complete College of the Sequoias’ Associates Degree General Education (COS-GE)  

Further information about these requirements can be found at: Graduation and Transfer.aspx


b.    Select additional degree applicable courses numbered 1-299 to achieve 60 Units.


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