Human Services




HSRV 101: Group Leadership and Design

HSRV 102: Drug and Alcohol Treatment

HSERV 104 Issues in Family Violence

HSERV 105: Case Management

HSERV 120: Ethics in Behavioral Science

HSRV 120: Introduction to Social Welfare

HSRV 121: Interviewing

HSRV 122: Introduction to Human Services



Human Services educates the beginning student about ways to alleviate social problems. The professional in human services generally requires a master's degree, such as a Masters in Social Work. However, in many in instances, the field can use a person with less training.

The Human Services two-year degree is recognized by the State of California and by the federal government. Because the economy of Tulare, Kings and the surrounding counties is so poor, the need for social service employees is great.

The purpose of the Human Services Program is to:

  • train students for specific vocational needs,
  • provide the community with individuals who can relate to community social problems, and
  • provide field experience at a significant level (at least three semesters).

Students will attain a vocational level after two years of education.  In addition, students will become aware of the availability of advanced degree programs to attain a Bachelor's degree or Masters of Social Work, for example.







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