Our department is committed to assisting the College of the Sequoias meet the expected Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs), which are established based on the College's mission statement. The College's mission statement provides various constituencies--students, faculty, the public, etc.--with the institution's educational goals and guidance concerning the achievement of these goals. The current ILOs are: 

1. Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving/Analysis

Students will apply quantitative and qualitative reasoning skills to obtain solutions to problems or equations through the use of creative and analytical methods.

2. Life/Interpersonal Skills

Students will take responsibility for their own well-being through effective self-management practices, as well as developing respect for diverse practices of others.

3. Communication

Students will communicate coherently and effectively, orally and in writing, adjusting to a variety of audiences and purposes, while synthesizing their positions and ideas with the thinking and writing of others.

4. Research and Decision-Making

Students will locate and evaluate information, including diverse perspectives, to make informed and ethical decisions.

5. Civic Engagement

Students, informed by their academic experience, will assume the responsibilities of citizenship.

To assist the College in meeting it's ILOs, our department has adopted the following Program-level Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

1. Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to explain and evaluate the significant factors that influence the American and other political systems.

2. Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to apply their knowledge of politics by using the major analytic and theoretical frameworks in several subfields of political science.

3. Students will be prepared for active citizenship and begin to develop an ongoing interest in national and global politics.

Our department faculty are committed to ensuring the instruction offered in their courses will meet established course-level Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) through a periodic review of their teaching methodologies and pedagogy.

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