PHIL 1: Intro to Philosophy

PHIL 5: Ethics

PHIL 12: Comparative Religion

PHIL 20: Logic

PHIL 25: Critical Thinking


Philosophy is the study of the way we make moral choices, the way we determine truth and the way we think. Students will acquire the ability to analyze and articulate better ways to solve important problems.

The courses are designed to meet:  
  • critical thinking course requirements (PHIL 25, PHIL 20)
  • major requirements (nursing, engineering, law and philosophy)
  • everyday thinking about ethics, metaphysics, political theory and epistemology.

The most common career opportunities with a baccalaureate degree include: any position that requires analytic and abstract thinking such as law, education, journalism, civil service, public relations, non-profit work, ministry, business management and the arts.

Speak to a counselor for transfer requirements since each university can be different. 


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