Over the past several years, our department has made changes to the Political Science curriculum and program with the aim of increasing course availability and coherence of major preparation. These are the courses taught by Political Science faculty:

Political Science 5 (Federal, State, and Local Government)

​This 3-unit, transfer-level course provides an introduction to the principles and problems of national, state, and local government with a particular emphasis on the Constitution of the United States and the state and local government of California.

Political Science 6 (Comparative Politics)

This 3-unit,transfer-level course provides for a comparative analysis of different kinds of political systems, ​including their ​​history, political institutions, processes and policies, the environments in which they occur, and their consequences. Also included in this course is an analysis of the dynamics of political change and its relationship to economic and social development.

       Political Science 8 (International Relations)

This 3-unit,transfer-level course provides for a study of relations among nations including the function of power, ​diplomacy, international law and organizations, and economic factors. Special emphasis will be placed on such concepts as war, nationalism, imperialism, ideological conflict, and collective security, and how these concepts affect U.S. foreign policy.

Political Science 10 (California Government and Politics)

This 1-unit,transfer-level course provides an introduction to the structure and function of California state ​​government. This ​course satisfies California state and local government requirement for students who have taken Political Science 5 without a California component or who receive Advanced Placement credit for American Government.

In addition to offering the above, stand-alone classes, any student intending to transfer to a California State University to pursue a major in Political Science, our department offers an Associate in Arts in Political Science for Transfer (AA-T). 

​AA-T (Political Science)

This degree is designed to prepare students for a seamless transition to a California State University. Students completing this degree will have an introductory foundation for the field of Political Science through the study of theories, groups and relationships, and a better understanding of how political and governmental institutions make and implement decisions and the effects of those decisions have on individuals, groups, and societal behavior. Students will acquire skills to think critically, communicate ideas and become more informed citizens. For more information, please download and review the following document: AA-T Political Science.

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