Message from the Department Faculty​

Welcome to College of the Sequoias Political Science

Our deparment has over sixty years of teaching experience and is structured to provide students with the opportunity to gain, improve, and expand on ones' understanding of government and politics.​ 

Our department's primary focus is to assist in achieving the mission of the College of the Sequoias; specifically, ..."to help our diverse student population achieve its transfer and/or occupational objectives and to advance the economic growth and global competitiveness of business and industry within our region." To meet this imperative, our program has adopted Program and Student Learning Outcomes that guide our faculty in their instruction. For more information on learning outcomes: CLICK HERE

Our department is structured to offer introductory classes in the following subfields of the Political Science major: American Politics, California Politics, Comparative Politics, and International Relations. In addition to introductory Political Science courses, our department offers an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) in Political Science. To learn more about the courses offered and ADT program: CLICK HERE.

Whether taking a political science class, as a requirement of your educational program or for professional/personal growth, the study of political science is important to understanding your rights and responsibilities, as a citizen of U.S. democracy and the global community. Beyond the improvement of ones' political efficacy, students, who decide to major in Political Science, may find possible career opportunities in a wide array of fields. For more information on Careers in Political Science: CLICK HERE​.

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