All students registering for math courses who have completed or will complete 6 or more units and plan to pursue a certificate, Associate degree, or transfer program are required to take an assessment test. All other students who plan to enroll in math courses or any course with a math prerequisite must also take an assessment test. The English placement test is no longer required. The college will utilize your high school grades and GPA to determine English course placement.
Tests are given on a walk-in basis with a valid photo identification during our walk-in testing hours. You may also choose to take the assessment tests at the COS Hanford Educational Center, COS Tulare College Center, or AAC Testing Office.
The results of the tests are very important to your academic career. Please allow yourself enough time to complete the assessment tests and make sure you are: feeling well, rested, not hungry, and prepared. If not, do not take the test(s) and feel free to return when you are ready. Test preparation materials are available in the Assessment Center during our office hours and also online. *See the links below for study information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the tests?
The Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs) were developed to provide information about and determine your skill level in mathematics. By assessing your ability, the test helps to determine the mathematics courses most appropriate for you to enroll to successfully meet the requirements for your academic goals. Also, the college enforces mandatory placement for most math courses and will either prohibit registration into these courses or drop students unless the requirements are met.
What is my first step?
Complete a COS Online Application. After submitting the application online print a copy of the confirmation page for your records.
What do I take with me on the test day?
You must bring a picture ID and know your social security number or your College of the Sequoias Banner ID number.
  • A picture ID must be a valid government issued identification such as a State Driver's License (not including state-issued temporary or provisional licenses with photos), State-Issued Identification Card, Military-Issued Identification Card, U.S. or Foreign-Issued Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Student Visa, Certificate of Naturalization. Also acceptable as a valid form of identification is a College of the Sequoias Student Body Card or recent high school ID. If you do not have one of these valid identifications, you may bring your social security card AND birth certificate to verify your identity.
  • Photocopies of IDs, passports, etc., will not be accepted under ANY circumstances.
  • Pencils and scratch paper will be provided to you if needed.
  • Please DO NOT bring food, drinks, or calculators; turn off cell phones and other electronic devices; arrange childcare for children.
How long does it take?
We recommend that you allow yourself at least an hour to finish a complete test. Family, friends, and children must wait outside the Assessment Center; Plan to arrange childcare for children.
  • Math placement (MDTP) - 45-60 minute timed test
    • ESL placement (CELSA) - 75 questions, 45 minute timed test

    When do I know my results?
    The results of your assessment test are now emailed. Placements will be sent to your personal email as well as your COS student email.
    What is ESL?
    ESL is the abbreviation for English as a Second Language. We offer computerized ESL tests and students with minimal English language ability are given the option to take the ESL Placement test to enroll in beginning level ESL courses.
    What are the fees for taking the test?
    There are no fees for taking any of the tests.
    How often can I test?
    Assessment tests are offered throughout the year. Once a year you can repeat the test. If you start the sequence of classes in the area which you have placed, you are required to continue the sequence.
    Access & Ability Center Services
    Any student who needs assistance in taking any assessment test should call the Access and Ability Center (AAC) for information and available accommodations at (559) 730-3805. 


     Contact Us

    Regular ​Office Hours:
    Monday - Friday
    7:45am - 4:45pm
    Fall & Spring Walk-In
    Testing Hours*
    Monday - Friday
    8:00am - 3:30pm
    on Visalia Campus  
    *Testing hours are subject to change without notice.
    *Appointments are required for Hanford & Tulare campuses.
    Office Locations:
    COS Visalia Campus
    Sequoia Bldg. (upstairs), Rm. 157
    COS Hanford Education Center
    Vocational Ed Bldg., Rm. 123
    COS Tulare College Center
    Building A, Student Services area


    NO calculators, NO cell phones, NO cameras, NO music players, and NO other electronic devices are allowed in the Assessment Center testing area. Family, friends, and children must wait outside the Assessment center; plan to arrange childcare for children.

    Office Contact:
    • (559) 730-3737 - Visalia
    • (559) 583-2500 - Hanford
    • (559) 688-3000 - Tulare


    *Math preparation sample questions and study information:


    The Math Page

    Math TV

    Other helpful review links: 

    Khan Academy

    Grammar and Writing (for ESL)


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