​Certificate Application Process

Follow these 3 Easy Steps:

1. Eligibility:   Review the catalog here to ensure you have completed the course requirements for a Skill Certificate OR a Certificate of Achievement in your program of study.


  • You can apply for the certificate in the semester for which you are completing the courses (within the last 4 weeks of the semester to ensure you have a passing grade).
  • If you are unsure of your eligibility or which catalog year to use, work with a faculty member in your program or a counselor to help you determine your eligibility.

2. Update your address in Banner Web to ensure your certificate is mailed to the correct address. Login to Banner Web here.


3. Print the Certificate application here complete it and return the form to one of the campus offices below:

Visalia Campus:  Admissions & Records, Room 107 
Hanford Campus:  The Hub, Educational Building  
Tulare Campus:  Building A, Student Services
Q:  What does it cost?   
A: The first copy is free. Additional copies can be requested in accordance with the fee schedule.  
Q:  How long will it take to get my certificate?   
A:  The Admissions and Records Department will evaluate your application to ensure you have met the requirements.  Students that apply for the certificate the same semester they are completing coursework will have to wait until the semester is finished before your transcript can be evaluated.   This process could take up to one month after the semester ends. 
Q:  Will my certificate be reflected on my transcript?  
A:  Yes!  You can request an official transcript that will also verify the completion of a certificate. 
Q:  Can I apply for the certificate in the same semester for which I am enrolled in courses for the certificate?  
A:  Yes, as long as you have completed all of the other courses and are earning a passing grade.   If you fail a course, the certificate will not be awarded and you’ll have to reapply once the requirements are met.
Q:  How will I get my certificate?  
A:  The certificate will be mailed to the address in Banner Web.  You must update your Banner Web to receive it by mail.



    Certificate Provisions
    Skill certificates or certificates of achievement (approved by the state Chancellor's Office) will be awarded only after the posting of grades of the particular certificate's course(s) requirements (as outlined in the college catalog) and application procedures have been completed.
    Last Updated: 11/4/2015 11:25 AM