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College of the Sequoias

Concurrent High School Students Admission Requirements

High school students may be determined to be eligible for admission in COS college level courses if they have a 3.0 or higher high school grade point average, or they have demonstrated special talents or needs and satisfy the class prerequisite, if necessary. High school students who plan to enroll in Physical Education or Guidance classes are exempt from the 3.0 grade point average requirements.

 High School students may register on or after the designated date set by the district.

 The district waives up to six units of enrollment and related fees per semester. Material fees, textbooks, and classroom supplies (which may include computer software) are not waived. Parking permits are not waived.

 Part-Time concurrently enrolled students are limited to 11 units or less. Full-time concurrently enrolled students do not receive a fee waiver for any units.

 Concurrently enrolled high school students are not allowed to take remedial classes (300 level).

 Students requesting admission to COS as a part time special admit student (concurrently enrolled high school student) must meet the criteria set forth by the Education Code, Section 48800, 48800.5, and 76001 which allows a limited number of eligible students to attend advanced courses at a community college.

 Physical education classes are limited to a maximum of 10% of high school students per class section.

 The permission form must bear the high school counselor and parent signature to confirm consent and the student’s signature allowing COS to share admission, registration and grade information with their high school.

 If the student is home schooled, the student and parent need approval from Dean of Student Services.
o Academic Transcript must accompany this form.
o Copy of current private school affidavit ( CA Ed Code 33910) must accompany this form.

 If the student is in the 7th or 8th grade, an additional permission form is required.

 The district is regulated by federal mandate to comply with the Family Educational Rights of Privacy Act (FERPA) and is only allowed to share non-directory information (grades, schedule, etc.) with the student (even if the student is under 18 years of age) unless we have signed consent by the student.

 Units earned at COS will be recorded on the COS transcript as college units. If the student wishes to petition their high school for high school credit for COS classes, students must request that their COS transcript be sent to their high school at the end of the semester.

 Please be warned that classes may contain mature themes.

 As part of an on-line course or hybrid (partial on-line) course, students may be required to develop a cyber identity. Students may also be required to develop an electronic portfolio to be utilized in an educational community networking environment. Parents/Guardians of minors should be aware that a K-12 environment which complies with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) provides a greater level of protection than is provided in a college environment.

 A College of the Sequoias Web Admissions Application must be completed and this permission form must be submitted prior to registration.

Non-Resident Fees The district does not waive non-resident fees for students who are not legal California residents. AB 540 waivers are not applicable to concurrently enrolled high school students. For more information, please go to: http//