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College of the Sequoias

Credit By Exam

Students can earn credit, through Credit By Exam, for a specific course by demonstrating they have achieved equivalent knowledge, understanding, and experience elsewhere.
Process and requirements
Students must be currently registered and in good standing at COS. The student may not be currently enrolled in the course he/she is applying for credit by examination. Good standing is defined as not on probationary status. The student must have completed 12 units at COS prior to applying for credit by examination.

Filing process for credit by examination, to challenge a course, starts with the Admissions and Records Office (RM 107, Window 2). Thereafter, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure the form is forward to the instructor (who will give exam), Division Chair, and Area Dean for the required signatures. 

Credit by examination will not be allowed if the student has:
          -received college credit for the course they are petitioning for credit by examination 
          -already completed or is currently enrolled in a course that is a prerequisite for the course they are petitioning for credit by examination. 

Students must furnish strong proof to the satisfaction of the instructor, division chair, and the area dean that previous background experience or training would ensure a reasonable measure of success in the challenge. The examination cannot begin until the petition is approved. Notice of approval will be sent by mail to the student.

If the petition is approved, the examination or series of tests will be administered by the appropriate instructor as designated by the dean.

The course, with units and letter grade assigned, will be clearly annotated to reflect that credit was earned by examination and will be reflected in the student’s cumulative grade point average. No credit will be awarded for more than one course in a sequence of courses. A maximum of 12 units (during student's entire academic career at COS) may be earned through credit by examination.

Once the student receives approval for credit by examination, the examination must be completed within the same semester. If the examination is not completed within the semester approval was obtained, an NP (No Pass) grade will be assigned. If an NP grade is assigned, the student will not be allowed to challenge the same course again. When the examination, paper(s) or project(s) is completed, the instructor will submit a letter grade to the Admissions & Records Office for posting.

A nonrefundable processing fee of $15 will be charged for each credit by examination petition in addition to the appropriate enrollment fees for each semester unit to be challenged. Fees must be paid after the petition has been approved and before the examination is administered.

: Unit cost x number of units, plus $15.00 = Total Fees per Credit by Exam 

The deadline to complete the petition process is as follows: 
        -Fall Semester First Monday in October 
        -Spring Semester First Monday in March