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College of the Sequoias

Grading and Academic Record Symbols

The Board of Trustees has adopted the following uniform grading policy as established by Title 5, Section 55023. All work in all degree-applicable and nondegree-applicable credit courses shall be graded in accordance with this policy. This grading policy may provide for award of grades in noncredit courses, including courses which are part of a high school diploma program or may be accepted for high school credit by a high school (Title 5, Section 55021). In calculating a student's degree-applicable grade point average, grades earned in nondegree-applicable credit courses shall not be counted (Title 5, Section 55023).

Grades shall be averaged on the basis of the point equivalencies to determine a student's grade point average using only the following evaluative symbols:

Symbol Definition Grade Point:
Symbol ​Definition ​Grade Point
C ​
​Less than satisfactory ​1.3
​F ​Failing ​0
​P ​Pass: Passing - At least satisfactory - units awarded not counted in GPA. Has the same meaning as 'CR' as that symbol was defined prior to June 30, 2007.
​NP ​No Pass: Less than satisfactory, or failing - units not counted in GPA. NP has the same meaning as 'NC' as that symbol was defined prior to June 30, 2007.
Non-evaluative ​symbols:
​I Incomplete. Incomplete academic work for unforeseeable emergency and justifiable reasons at the end of the term may result in an "I" symbol being entered in the student's record. The condition for the removal of the "I" shall be stated by the instructor on the "Incomplete Grade Report" form. This form shall contain the conditions for the removal of the "I" and the grade assigned in lieu of its removal. A copy of this form must be given to the student with a copy on file with the Dean, Student Services until the "I" is made up or the time limit has passed. A final grade shall be assigned when the work stipulated has been completed and evaluated, or when the time limit for completing the work has passed. The "I" may be made up no later than one year following the end of the semester in which it was assigned. The student should not re-enroll in the class. The "I" symbol shall not be used in calculating units attempted nor for grade points. Students may petition for a time extension due to extenuating circumstances by submitting documentation to the Dean of Student Services.
​IP In Progress: The "IP" symbol shall be used only in those courses which extend beyond the normal end of an academic term. It indicates that work is "in progress," but that assignment of an evaluative symbol (grade) must await its completion. The "IP" symbol shall remain on the student's permanent record in order to satisfy enrollment documentation. The appropriate evaluative symbol (grade) and unit credit shall be assigned and appear on the student's permanent record for the term in which the course is completed. The "IP" shall not be used in calculating grade point averages. If a student enrolled in an "open-entry, open-exit" course is assigned an "IP" at the end of a term and does not re-enroll in that course during the subsequent term, the appropriate faculty will assign an evaluative symbol (grade) listed above to be recorded on the student's permanent record for the course.
​RD Report Delayed: The RD symbol may be assigned by the registrar only. It is to be used when there is a delay in reporting the grade of a student due to circumstances beyond the control of the student. It is a temporary notation to be replaced by a permanent symbol as soon as possible. "RD" shall not be used in calculating grade point averages.