Dual and Concurrent Enrollment are two pre-college programs at COS that provides high school students the opportunity to earn college credit (and high school credit for some courses), while being simultaneously enrolled at their respective high schools.  Both programs allow students to gain first-hand experiences of college courses, as well as, provide students with a head start on their college/career training. 

Although the programs are similar in nature, they both have different processes.  Listed below in the table are their differences:

​​Concurrent Enrollment Dual Enrollment ​
  • Taught primarily by COS faculty; although there are some approved high school teachers that teach courses at COS.
  •  Self-initiated (Limited guidance from high school counselors and managed primarily by the student)
  • Students are financially reponsible for purchasing textbooks and other course-related fees.
  • Courses are taught primarily at high schools during a normal school day.
  • Taught by approved high school teachers and COS faculty.
  • Students are not financially responsible for purchasing textbook and other course-related fees.
  • Registeration is done at participating high schools.
  • Many of process are managed and closely monitored by high school and college administrators.

High school students interested in learning more about the dual enrollment opportunities at their high school should consult their conselor or the assigned point of contact at their high school. Listed below are the list of participating high schools and the assigned Point of Contact.

​Accelerated Charter High School
Abel Loza
​Corcoran High School ​Ana Chavez
​El Diamante High School ​Milee Vang
​Exeter High School ​Melissa Reyes
​Farmersville High School ​Vianna Gomez
​Golden West High School ​Manuel Cobarruvias
​Hanford High School ​Sarah Hess
​Hanford West ​Kristen Barnes
​La Sierra Military Academy ​Stephen Reid
​Lindsay High School ​Ana Benetiz
​Mt. Whitney High School ​Janice Shinault
​Orosi High School ​Veronica Zarco
​Redwood High School ​Alexa Barba-Tepper
​Sierra Pacific High School ​Kirsten Synder
​Tulare Union High School ​Terry Langlie
​Tulare Western High School ​Leandra Garcia
​University Prepatory High School ​Sarah Pennington
​Visalia Charter Independent Study ​Janette Duron-Alonzo
​Visalia Technical Early College ​Shari Williams
​Woodlake High School ​Carmita Pena

​​​To learn more about each program individually, please review the Concurrent Enrollment Student Handbook and Dual Enrollment Student Handbook.   It is strongly recommended that current concurrent and dual enrollment students read these resources to become familiar with: institutional and academic policies: student responsibilities; and services offered at COS. 

Additional Resources for Students
​Add/Drop Form (Electronic Copy)
Fall 2018 Dual Enrollment Courses 
COS Academic Calendar
COS 2018-2019 Catalogue

For More information Contact:

Brandon Hildreth, director
Dual Enrollmetn Programs

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