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College of the Sequoias


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During WEB registration, if you try to register for a class that is full, "CLOSED - Wait Listed" you will be given the option to sign up on the Wait List for that class - until the Wait List fills.  Remember, being on a Wait List does not guarantee you a seat in a class.   If seats become available, those on the Wait List will be registered for open seats in the order they are on the list.
Important :  Banner will allow you to get on a Wait List, however, when the nightly processes run to check for any problems, you will be removed from a wait list if:   you have any holds, time conflicts, repeat or prerequisite errors, duplicate courses, excessive units, or any type of registration error.
How do I access Online Wait Lists? If you try to register for a class that is full, you will have automatic access to the Wait List.  The closed class will appear in the Registration Errors section of the WEB registration screen.  The system will display the message "CLOSED - Waitlisted - 00#."  The number appearing after the word "Waitlisted" indicates the number of people already on the Wait List.  Click the Action drop-down menu, choose Wait List, and click the Submit Changes button to be added to the Wait List.  If the Wait List is full, the message will simply say "CLOSED - Wait List Full."
When can I get on the Wait List?
  You can add yourself to the Wait List during registration dates until the first day of the semester or short-term class.  Once the semester or short-term class begins, Wait Lists will no longer be accessible.
Can anybody get on a Wait List?  When there are Wait List openings, anyone can get on a Wait List.  However, you are eligible to remain on that Wait List only if:  you meet the class prerequisites, the class time does not conflict with another class in which you are already registered or wait listed, you have no repeat errors, you have no holds on your record, or the class units will not exceed your maximum allowed
Be aware:   If you put yourself on a wait list and any of these errors occur when the nightly processes move students into classes from the wait list, you will be dropped from the wait list.  Also, you cannot be on a wait list for another section of a course you are already registered in.
Who gets into a class?   If class seats become available, students will automatically be enrolled in the class in the order in which they entered the Wait List.
How do I know if I got into a class?  If you are moved into a class from the Wait List, you will be notified by email.  It is important to monitor emails during the registration period.  If you are registered in a class from the Wait List, it will be your responsibility to pay all fees within the 14-day deadline or drop the class should you decided not to attend.
When do I pay for the class?   Fees will be assessed after a student is officially registered in a class and must be paid within the 14-calendar day payment limit.  A student on a Wait List must monitor his/her email during the registration period if and when they are moved into a class.
Can I get on a Wait List for a class if I'm already Wait Listed for a different section of the same course?   You may place yourself on the Wait LIst for multiple sections of the same course, however, once you are registered in a class section you will be removed from the Wait Lists for the other sections.  It is important to make sure there are no time conflicts, repeat errors, unit overloads, prerequisite holds or other holds for classes you are registering or Wait Listing for.  These errors will result in removal from the Wait List.
How do I confirm that I am on a a Wait List?   Print a copy of your Banner class schedule.  All registered and Wait Listed classes will be displayed.  Watch your schedule closely during registration and check your email often.
Will another class be opened if enough people are on a Wait List?
Not necessarily. Demand for a course is only one factor used to determine whether to open another course section; the availability of resources such as classroom space, faculty and money, also must be considered.  If a department has the resources and the demand is high, another class might be added.  Check the online Class Search for the most up-to-date listing of classes.  Wait List information will be collected and used for future planning.
Can I still get into a class if it's too late to get on the Wait List or if the Wait List is full?  Students may "crash" or "sit in" on the first day of any class and request an add code from the instructor.  Add codes can be used to add classes during the first two weeks of the semester and for a limited time for short-term classes.  However, Wait List priority will still be followed for late adds when class seats are available.  If the Wait List is cleared, other student can be added to a class if seats are still available.
If I obtain an add code for a class that I am Wait Listed for, how do I add the class?  From the "Add and Drop Classes" page on Banner WEB, you must click the drop down arrow under the Action category then click "web register," then select submit changes. Enter the add code, click "Validate" then once add code is approved, click "submit changes to complete add." The next page should show the class as "web registered."   Remember to use your add code immediately and don't miss the add deadline.
It is important to remember that placement on a Wait List does not guarantee a seat in the class.