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College of the Sequoias

REGISTRATION on COS Banner WEB: Register, Add, or Drop Classes

For Web Registration Click Here  

For a step by step guide on How to Register: Click Here

To understand how to get on the Waitlist: Click Here

How to Add a Class With an Add Code: Click Here
Access the COS Web site at .   Select "Banner Login."
Enter User ID.   This is your Social Security Number or Banner Assigned ID. Use either number.   If entering your SS#, use all nine digits, no dashes or spaces. If using Banner ID, include the @ symbol.
Enter your PIN - Personal Identification Number.   Initially, this is your birth date in the format MMDDYY  (Example: 010192 for January 1, 1992) which "expires" on your first login.
First time users "Change" your PIN to a new 6-digit number.   Write it down - this will be your permanent PIN for all future access to Banner WEB.
If you have already changed your PIN from your birth date, you must use the new 6-digit number you entered.   Remember, numbers only - not letters.
First time users create a Security Question and Answer in case you forget the PIN on future logins.   Keep it short and do not use your PIN as the answer. (Example: Favorite color?  Mother's Maiden Name?)

Forgot your PIN?   Enter User ID, click "FORGOT pin?" and answer your security question.   The system will reset your PIN to your birth date and you will be asked to enter a new 6-digit PIN.   Still cannot login?   Call the Registration Help Line at 737-6140.    Your PIN cannot be reset over the telephone as ID is required. However, we will attempt to assist you with the process.   If you are still unable to enter your PIN, please go to Room 107 or the Hanford Center with your picture ID.
Accept Terms of Usage and click "Continue" at the bottom of the page.   Do not click "Exit."
Click on "Student Service & Financial Aid" in the Main Menu.
Click on "Registration" in the Student Services Menu.
Click on "Add or Drop Classes" in the Registration Menu.
Select "Submit Term."
At the bottom of the screen, enter the CRNs - Course Request Numbers - for the classes you wish to add.   CRNs are in the printed Schedule of Classes or WEB Class Search .
Click "Submit Changes" near the bottom of the screen to complete your registration.
The screen will refresh.   Verify your registration by looking for your new CRN(s) in the list of registered classes.   If your course does not appear in your current schedule, scroll down to the "Registration Errors" section.   Some reasons CRN(s) would end up in the Errors section are: time conflicts, prerequisite errors,   or closed classes.   At this point, you may add and/or drop additional classes.
After entering the CRN of the course you wish to add, if the course is in the "Registration Errors " section and looks like the following...
  None Wait List
02 can select to enter the Wait List for this class by highlighting the Wait LIst option and clicking the Submit Changes button to verify entry to the Wait List.   Otherwise, click the Action pull down menu and select "None." Then click Submit Changes, to indicate that you don't want to enter the Wait List. Wait Lists  END the day before the semester or short-term course begins - prior to Late Registration.  (See Wait List page for specifics on Wait LIsts and reasons why you are dropped from a Wait List.)
Late Registration w/Add Codes
Once the semester begins, add authorization codes are required for CLOSED and WAIT LISTED classes and the Wait List are no longer available .   See the instructor of the class(es) you wish to add for an "add code."   Process late adds on the WEB by first entering the 5-digit CRN and then the 4-digit add authorization code.  If you receive an add code for a class you are still wait listed for, you must click the drop down arrow under the action category then click "web registered," then select submit changes. Enter the add code, click "Validate" then once add code is approved, click "submit changes to complete add." The next page should show the class as "web registered."   There is no walk-in registration.  Add codes are valid for a limited time -   DON'T MISS THE ADD DEADLINE .
Add Code Deadlines
For Summer, add codes are valid for the first 2 days of each session.
For Fall/Spring, add codes for full-term classes are valid for the first week of the semester.
Short-term course add codes should be used immediately as many are only good for the first day of the class . Contact the Registration Help Line at 737-6140 to verify last day to use an add code.           
Printing your schedule AND BILL   
To "print" a copy of your schedule, click on the RETURN TO MENU at the top of the screen.   Select either "Class Schedule" or "Weekly Class Schedule" depending on the format you prefer.   Print the page.
To view and print a copy of your fees:   Select "Registration Fee Assessment" from the Registration Menu.
Select EXIT to end your registration session.
DROPPING A CLASS and Dropping Wait List Entries
Look for the "Action" column on the Registration - Add/Drop Classes Screen.
Click the drop-down menu to show the Drop status - Drop/Delete, Drop/Refund, Drop "W" Grade.
Click the "Submit changes" button.**   The registration screen will refresh and the drop status will show on the left hand status column with the date you dropped.   Wait List entries can be dropped in this very same manner.