Getting into and out of Business Division Computers

Login Instructions

At the Welcome screen, press the key combination of "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" at  the same time to get to the login screen.


At the Log On screen, key in your eight digit Student ID number without the @ sign for Username. 
     Example: User ID: @00023456

The password is the date of your birth (including the slashes)
     Example: 2/23/1983


Temporary login: Guest .. with no password. This method will cease two weeks from the start of the semester.

Click on   OK   or press <Enter>

Wait - Windows XP will load and make certain the correct files are in place. When the instructor 
        menu appears, click on the button for the instructor name - ie, Mr. Wasem.

          double click to access the folder.

To Shut Down the Computer

Close your software application (Excel, Word, etc).  
Click on the Start button on the taskbar  
If you are in a day class - click the arrow to the right of shut down and
click Log Off
If you are in a night class - click   Shut down  
If your screen goes blank within 30 seconds - you are done . .  
       If not .. manually turn off your computer by pushing the power button on the computer and hold for 10 seconds.  

Remember your disk!!!

It is now OK to leave the classroom
Last Updated: 1/14/2013 5:19 PM