​Community Partnership

From the inception of the campus, COS Hanford was part of a community partnership. The story goes that one night after a joint meeting of the City Council, the Hanford High School Board, and the College of the Sequoias Board of Trustees, a member from each of the groups were talking in the parking lot.  That conversation led to the creation of the dreamthe dream that the three entities would share resources to make an efficient and effective facility for the citizens of Hanford. 

From that conversation, grew the Hanford Learning Center.  The 210 acres was purchased at a reduced cost from the then ownersthe Clark Family.   The Clark family has a long history of philanthropic spirit in the Hanford community.  This spirit coupled with the family's interest in bringing educational opportunities to the residents lead to the generous gift.

Once a walnut orchard, today the property houses Sierra Pacific High School, a softball complex, and the COS Hanford Educational Center.  It is about more than sharing the land; the three entities regularly share the facilities as well.  There are several examples of the partnership on a smaller scale as well.  One of those is the Chemistry lab.  Because Chemistry labs are very expensive to build, it was not efficient to build two Chemistry labsone for the High School and one for the College.  As such, Sierra Pacific built the chemistry lab and COS upgraded the lab so that college level chemistry classes can be taught there. 

 These partnerships, along with many others will continue to serve future generations for many years to come.

Last Updated: 5/21/2018 2:53 PM