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Hours during the academic semesters:

Monday - Friday:  8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Kristin Robinson 

Provost, COS Hanford Educational Center

"It is wonderful to work with such a great group of talented, energetic, and creative staff and faculty! Our small campus environment allows us to work closely not only with one another, but more importantly, our amazing students.  In the words of our students, 'COS Hanford Rocks!'"
General site administration including student, staff, and faculty responsibilities; Working with District to identify services, programs, and offerings; and Community Liaison
kristinr@cos.edu; 559.583.2523 (in District x2523)

Heather Zantos

Administrative Assistant to the Provost

"I enjoy working at COS Hanford because the staff is fun and creative, the students are thankful, and Hanford is a great community."
General Administrative Support to the Provost; Facilities Coordination for COS Classes and Activities and Outside Rentals; Classroom and Faculty Coordination of Facilities; Posting of Classes; Professional Development Library; Assisting students with general students services issues; Fire Technology
heatherz@cos.edu; 559.583.2513 (in District x2513) 




Lisa Loewen

Academic Counselor & Outreach Coordinator


"I really enjoy working in Hanford because the students and community are supportive of education and especially COS. I love being the Counselor here because I get the opportunity to help students reach their educational goals and get to do what they really want to do. COS is a great place and I have a great job!"
Academic Counseling; High School Outreach
lisalo@cos.edu; 559.583.2500 (in District x2500)



Student Services


Yee Lee

Center Student Services Specialist

"I enjoy working at COS Hanford because of the relationships that I am able to build with students and I love being able to assist students in their educational endeavors."
Counseling appointments; Cashier's Duties; EOPS Information; AAC Coordination; Testing Accommodations; Assessment Testing; Coordination of Student Events; Copy and Mail Coordination; ASB Cards; Bus Passes; General Financial Aid Assistance; Bookstore; Admissions Assistance; Website; Information Flyers; Monthly Newsletters
yeel@cos.edu; 559.583.2514 (in District x2514)



Clerical Assistant/Financial Aid

Counseling appointments; Cashier's Duties; Financial Aid; Assessment Testing; Student ID Cards; Bus Passes; Admissions Assistance

Rosario Renteria
Clerical Assistant

"I love working at the Hanford Center because the staff members are hard-working and fun! I enjoy assisting students with their educational goals."
Counseling appointments; Cashier's Duties; Assessment Testing; Student ID Cards; Bus Passes; Admissions Assistance
rosarior@cos.edu; 559.583.2510 (in District x2510)


Cassondra Lewis

Student Support Services Specialist

"COS Hanford is a great place to be! I love working with and guiding high school students towards higher education. COS is truly the first step to success!"
High School Outreach; Student Outreach Services; Admissions Assistance
cassondrab@cos.edu; 559.583.2512 (in District x2512)

Ernest Lopez

Student Success Coordinator


"I love working for COS Hanford. This campus has a lot of academic potential and future growth. To be part of the growth and assist Kings County develop educational options for our residents is part of my overall career and personal goals to give back to our community."
Oversees Hanford Student Success Center; Academic and Student Support Services; Workshops; Coordinate college and University tours
ernestl@cos.edu; 559.583.2532 (in District x2532)

Jason Garza

CTE Career & Academic Success Coordinator

“I am happy to be working at the Hanford Educational Center. Every interaction I have with a student, staff, or faculty member reminds me that everyone is here for success. I am prideful of the fact that I can be a part of what makes this center and district great!”​
Oversees Hanford Career Services including one-on-one and group support with Resume Building, Interview Skills, Career Exploration; Job posting board; Career-related workshops; Job Placement
jasong@cos.edu; 559.583.2572 (in District x2572)

Computer Services


Jeremy Mallouf

Microcomputer Specialist                                                                                                                                            



"I enjoy coming to work every day knowing we are helping the next generation of our local leaders, and the staff are all great people."
Oversight and support of COS Hanford's Technology including computers, servers, laptops, and wireless; Maintenance of appropriate software; Compliance with District Standards jeremym@cos.edu; 559.583.2533 (in District x2533)


Custodial Services


Justin Garcia

Senior Custodian


Custodial Services to COS Hanford; Assist with General Maintenance; Assist with Outside Vendors as requested by Center Administration
justing@cos.edu;; 559.583.2562 (in District x2562)​ 

John Harp


"I love being a part of the COS Hanford team because we have this new, cutting-edge facility for the students and staff.  The faculty are also great to work with."
Custodial Services to COS Hanford; Assist with General Maintenance; Assist with Outside Vendors as requested by Center Administration
johnha@cos.edu; 559.583.2561 (in District x2561)




Rosendo Solis

Grounds Maintenance Worker II

"I've always liked working in gardens and enjoy the atmosphere and environment that the COS Hanford Center has to offer.  I enjoy working around the faculty, staff, and students." 
Grounds keeping; Landscaping; Gardening
rosendos@cos.edu; 559.583.2500 (in District x2500) 


Public Safety Training Facility


Hours during the academic semesters:

Monday - Friday: 7:45 am to 4:45 pm


Summer Hours

Monday - Thursday: 7:00am - 5:30pm

Closed Fridays



Jack Amoroso

Director, Police Academy and Training Programs

Reserve Officer, Sequoias Community College Police Department
Oversight of the Police Academy; Coordination with POST; Oversight of the Advanced Officer Training Programs Serving the Law Enforcement Communities (Police and Correctional); and Coordination with SCT (Correctional Continuing Education)
559.583.2620 (in District x2620)

Delia Weiss

Administrative Assistant

"I get satisfaction and accomplishment, knowing that my duties as the Administrative Assistant, assists in the development of men and women attempting to enter the field of law enforcement.  Their selfless dedication to serving communities and their willingness to possibly give the ultimate sacrifice of losing their lives while in the line of duty humbles me and I'm honored to say that I play a small part of what steps they must go through to achieve their chosen career."
General Support to the Police Academy and Advanced Officer Training Programs; POST Reporting Requirements for Faculty, Cadets, and Students
deliaw@cos.edu; 559.583.2640 (in District x2640)

Rick Smith

Fire Academy Coordinator (P/T)

Oversight of Fire Academy (Spring Semesters); Oversight of all Advanced Firefighter Courses; Oversight of all Fire Prerequisite Classes for the Academy; Coordinate with State Fire Marshal for Compliance of Classes and Academy
richards@cos.edu; 559.583.2640 (in District x2640)

Police Academy

(Delia Weiss' information listed at the top of the page under Administration)

Juan Garcia

Intensive Academy Coordinator


Oversight of Intensive Academies; Maintain Regulations and POST Compliance; Oversight of RTOs and Activities of Cadets; Maintain Test Security; Fleet Maintenance
juang@cos.edu; 559.583.2622 (in District x2622)

Gary Chambers

Advanced Officer Training Coordinator (P/T)

Oversight and Coordination of Advanced Officer Training Program and Adult Core Academy
garych@cos.edu; 559.583.2641 (In District x2641) 

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