​Fees and Expenses

There are several types of fees and expenses at College of the Sequoias.  Most of these are determined by
the State--and are the same fees charged for every community college in the State.  The following is a brief description of the types of fees and expenses that you may have as a student: 
IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! Please pay fall semester charges before July 1st or within 2 weeks of registration; spring and summer charges must be paid within 2 weeks of registration (unless financial aid or another agency will be paying your fees). If another agency pays your fees, please let us know by calling 730-3868 to insure we have the correct billing information on file.
    • Enrollment Fee - An enrollment fee of $46.00 per unit is charged to all students. An enrollment fee of $23.00 is charged per 1/2 unit. The non-resident fee is an additional $211.00 per unit.
    • Health Fee - A mandatory health fee is charged each semester to all COS students enrolled in classes for units or who are repeating a class under the Community Service Option. The health fee is $20.00 for Spring and Fall semesters and $17.00 for the Summer Semester. The health services fee helps support campus health services, including accident insurance.    Fee waivers are available for religious reasons. (Contact the Health Center for more information or call 730-3880.)
    • Transit Fee - Part time students are charged $9 and full time students are charged $10.
    • Material Fee - In certain courses, the Board of Trustees may approve a fee to cover specific materials in a class which will be given to the student. Fees vary and are noted in the Schedule of Classes. Materials fees are refunded to students who completely withdraw from class the last day of registration before the semester begins or if the class is cancelled by the college. There are no material fee refunds once the semester begins.
    • Parking Fees - Students wishing to park on campus must purchase a semester parking sticker. Parking permits are purchased on a semester basis from https://www.buymypermit.com/cos.  The parking permit for both full-time and part-time students is $25.00 per semester. Motorcycle and Moped parking is free in designated areas. (This fee is applicable to all students of outside colleges who offer classes on our campuses.)  For Summer sessions, students are charged a $10.00 fee for a summer parking permit, however, current Spring or Fall semester permits are valid for summer semester. Students not wishing to purchase a semester parking permit may purchase one-day parking passes for $2.00 from the dispensers located in Hanford in front of the Education Building or inside the Vocational Building. Parking is head-in parking only. Students wishing to utilize handicapped parking on campus must purchase a campus parking permit AND obtain a free handicapped parking permit from the Access & Ability Center or display a DMV issued place-card. If you pay for a daily permit and the machine fails to issue one, please see a staff member at the Hanford Hub. 
      • Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a space will be available
      • The College District is not responsible for losses due to theft or damage
      • Lost semester permits may be replaced at the same cost as the original purchase price. Stolen permits may be replaced only after the permit is reported stolen to Campus Police
    • Activity / Benefits Fee - Optional purchase of a photo and identification card entitles you to all the privileges of Associated Student Body membership, including local merchant discounts.  Cost is $15.00 per semester, charged with 6 units or more. *

      *May be waived. See the Student Life and Leadership office within the first two weeks of the semester.

      A student representation fee of $1.00 per semester (for students enrolled in six (6) or more units) is charged.  A waiver of this fee can be obtained for religious, political, moral, or financial reasons.  The Representation Fee is an includable cost in student budgets for students receiving federal and/or state financial aid benefits.

    • Student Center Fee - The students of College of the Sequoias approved a $1.00 per unit ($5.00 maximum per semester) Student Center fee.  By California state law, this fee may only be used to finance, construct, enlarge, remodel, refurbish and operate the COS Campus Center.  The state does not pay for student center construction at any office of the colleges or universities; instead, it allows students to do so.  This fee will be collected each year indefinitely.

    • Non-resident Tuition Fees - The non-resident tuition fee is $211 per semester unit, plus applicable enrollment fees payable each semester upon registration. The non-resident tuition fee for foreign students is $211 per semester unit and when the student is both a citizen and a resident of a foreign country, a $100 processing fee must accompany the application which is deductible from the tuition fee at the time of enrollment, plus all applicable enrollment fees. Guidelines and regulations for fee refunds for the non-resident student are the same as for all other students.

      All fees are mandated by the State and are subject to change without prior notice. All fees are due at the time you register for class(es). If you drop, or are dropped after the refund deadline, you will still be responsible for all fees owed. Any increase in fees after the student registers will be charged and billed accordingly.

    • Enrollment and Health Fee Refunds - Enrollment and health fees for students who reduce units or completely withdraw (not including short-term classes) from college prior to the end of the SECOND WEEK OF INSTRUCTION will be as follows:

      - Refunds are given ONLY by student petition.  Forms can be obtained at the Cashier's Office located in Room 102

      - All refunds are issued by check.  Students will be charged a $5.00 handling fee on enrollment credits only

      - Reimbursements petitioned for by the end of the fifth (5th) week will be mailed between the 6th and 8th instructional week of the semester.  Refund petitions which are received by the end of the 12th week of the semester will be mailed between the 13th and 15th week of the semester

      - Students may carry a refund/credit balance and use it the following semester to avoid the $5.00 handling fee

      - No refunds will be given for classes dropped after the first two (2) weeks of school (or short-term classes dropped after the first class day). For Summer, no refunds will be given for classes dropped after the first two (2) days of the semester

      - No refunds for material fees will be given unless the student drops class prior to the first day of the semester 
      - Credit balances will be carried forward to the following semester
      For questions regarding collections or refunds on fees, contact 730-3868.
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