​Parking at COS Hanford

At the COS Hanford Educational Center, you must have a parking permit--just like every campus of College of the Sequoias.  Parking permits may be purchased one of two ways.  First, you may purchase a daily permit at the parking machines located at the front of the Educational building or in the entryway of the Vocational Building.  These daily permits are $2 per day and must be placed on the driver's side dashboard, inside your car.
The second type of permit is a semester pass.  The price for these permits is $25 and may be purchased at the Hub with cash or online at


These permits must be affixed to the registered vehicle. Follow the instructions that come with the Parking Pass, they will tell you where the pass must be affixed on your vehicle.

COS has many parking policies district wide.  These are to keep students, staff, and faculty safe.  Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the parking regulations.  A couple of them that we want to make sure we point out are:
  • Head-in parking only.  Especially in the Vocational Center parking lot, we find that some people want to pull through the parking spots and thus create a "back-in" spot--this is against District policy.  You will get a ticket.
  • Unless you have a restricted parking permit, please don't park in the spots marked "staff".  These are reserved for faculty and staff....and unless you have the correct type of parking permit, you will get a ticket.

For more information about parking, please visit the District police website.

Last Updated: 4/3/2018 9:16 AM