How do I login to the Library Computer Commons

Computers/Pharos Kiosk/Printers/Photocopiers?

COS Students that have preregistered have one account that the PC's/Pharos Kiosk/Printer/Photocopiers use.





Your username is the first part of your student Email (just the characters before the @ symbol.) 


Your SSN will not work to log you onto any COS site other than Banner Web

The password for your account will be your Email password.  For your first login it is your Date of Birth,

in this format  m/d/yyyy. This password will then expire and you will need to create a new password. 

New passwords cannot include four letters or more from your email address or name and must have:

  • 8+ characters
  • 1 UPPER CASE letter
  • 1 lower case letter
  • 1 number 





CSUF or Fresno Pacific Students:

·         See someone at the Help Desk for account information.

                     Just make sure that when logging onto a PC that the Domain is ACAD



Last Updated: 6/26/2018 11:04 AM