Printing & Photocopying

Costs- The cost of printing from a LRC computer is ¢10 per black & white page or ¢25 for color. The money must be deposited in a printing account that is linked to your email login (Universal login). The Pharos kiosk (where you add money to your account and check your balance) is located near the Circulation Desk. The machine does not accept coins, the minimum is $1.00 bill and does not give change. Non students may purchase prints/copies through a guest account. To add money with a credit/debit card go to and click on the Pharos icon. 

Printer/Photocopier Locations - There are 4 printer/photocopiers on the main floor of the LRC: three are located near the front Circulation Desk and another in the back of the Computer Lab, by the Student Help Desk. Your print job will be sent to any printer to which you login.  Use your email login (Universal login). Once logged on, the printer's display panel will show print jobs for that student. Follow the instructions at the printer/photocopier station to print and retrieve your print job.

Copy M​achines - There is also a copy machine located on the second floor next to the Library classroom #203 at the top of the stairs. Copies cost ¢10 per page, 8 ½ by 11, single-sided copies only . This machine accept coins, $1.00 bills and $5.00 bills.​

Last Updated: 12/12/2018 12:19 PM