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Resources for Instructors

College of the Sequoias faculty are an incredibly important part of the Writing Center, inside and out. Faculty working in the Writing Center can download a timesheet here​. In addition, all instructors can track how their students are using the Writing Center by visiting our Reports page from the COS campus network. As an overview of what the Writing Center offers, all faculty members are encouraged to view our results and learn about our philosophy. Many instructors, though, wonder how they can incorporate the Writing Center into their classes. Any of the following can be arranged by contacting the Writing Center Coordinator by email at writingcenter@cos.edu.

Writing Center Tours

During the first week of each semester, the Writing Center invites instructors to bring their classes in to visit the Writing Center. There, Writing Center staff or faculty will introduce the Center and its services to students, distribute brochures, and answer any questions students might have. This is a great way to physically introduce students to the Writing Center, so that they know where it is located, as well as what services it offers.

Class Visits

Throughout the semester, the Writing Center is also able to arrange for experienced writing consultants to visit the classrooms of interested instructors. This gives the benefit of personal contact, without the necessity of transporting whole classes to and from the Center. More importantly, the consultant is able to answer questions from students and instructors alike.

Syllabus Inclusions

Many instructors incorporate the Writing Center into their Syllabi in some way. Some instructors offer extra credit, others require all students to visit the Writing Center a certain number of times during the semester, and others simply mention the Writing Center and its website on their Syllabi or course Blackboard.

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