What We Stand For 

No matter how experienced, talented, or trained, every writer faces the same difficulties.  We all have trouble figuring out how to start, sometimes.  We all feel like we have too many ideas, sometimes.  We all struggle to get the words out of our head and onto the paper, sometimes.  The difference between writers who succeed and writers who struggle is knowing what to do when we get to those difficulties. 

The Writing Center is a place for writers of all levels, no matter how strong or how new, to come and talk to experienced readers about what’s happening in their writing, and to learn new strategies and techniques to help them overcome the obstacles that lie in their path. 

We work with students wherever they are, to help them get where they’re going. We work with writing from any subject, at any point in the process, whether you’re just getting started, or almost finished. Some of the best sessions we have are with students who just have a prompt and no idea where to go next. 

Our biggest goal is to help you figure out your next steps. Where do you go from here? Expect to leave the Writing Center with a plan of action. 

Most importantly, we’re here to help you become a better writer. Hopefully, we’ll help you make some good choices about the paper you bring to us, but for us, what’s most important is that you learn something that helps you not just with this paper, but with every paper you write in the future. We want you to develop your skills as a writer, so that the next time you run into this obstacle, you’ll know what to do. 

Many people think of a writing tutor as someone who “fixes” grammar and spelling errors.  In fact, a lot of people think of the Writing Center a little bit like they’d think of a dry cleaner’s: they expect to drop off a paper, get it “cleaned up,” and pick it up in the morning, shiny and new. But that’s not us. Our goal is to help you decide what changes to make to your paper, and to help you learn how to make those changes. When we talk about grammar, spelling, punctuation, and that sort of thing, it’ll always be to help you learn how to do it, rather than to do it for you. 

Ultimately, you’re in charge of your writing. We’re here to help you make the best choices you can.

Last Updated: 2/12/2015 4:44 PM